Debriefing and Farewell Ceremony of Prospective Alumni of the Faculty of Adab and Cultural Sciences in the 4th period of 2021/2022

The Adab and Cultural Sciences faculty held the 4th commencement ceremony for the 2021/2022 academic year on Tuesday, 9 August 2022, in the Theatrical Room. It was attended by 62 graduated students and invited Ari Wicaksono, S. Hum., M.I.Kom., a policy analyst of immigration of the Sukarno-Hatta General Directory of Immigration as the main speaker.

According to the vice dean of academic affairs,Dr. Ubaidillah, S.S., M.Hum., the Faculty inaugurated 62 undergraduate and master's degrees with the following details: 5 students from the BSA Masters, two students from the SPI Masters, 15 students from the BSA Study Program (S-1), 19 students from the SKI Study Program (S-1), 39 students from the SKI Study Program IP (S-1), and ten students from the SI Study Program (S-1). The five best and fastest graduates from each study program received awards from the Faculty, namely: Chuna Kafia Dilla from the SKI Study Program with a GPA of 3.64, Ummi AR from the BSA Study Program (S-1) with a 3.70 GPA, Anisa Khorun Fauziyah from the SI Study Program ( S-1) with a 3.75 GPA, and Husna Amalia Sholihah from the IP Study Program (S-1) with a 3.85 GPA, Mohammad Dzulkifli from the BSA Masters Study Program with a 3.86 GPA.

The event began with a remark from the dean,Dr. Muhammad Wildan, M.A., who wished that the alums contribute to society. He then advised that most successful individuals frequently are not linear in their studies; therefore, the graduates should be optimistic about accomplishing their future. Moreover, he asserted that they have to broaden their insight and be active in organizations and social activities, which will give many benefits not obtained during class lectures.

The event was ended by praying led byArief Gunadi, M.Pd.I, and then continued with public lecturing by Ari Wicaksono, M.I.Kom. It was moderated byUlyati Retno Sari, M.Hum., the lecturer at the Faculty of Adab and Cultural Sciences. The speaker explained how to maximize self-potentials to get a better future. He suggested to the alums to be keen on their potential. However, it needs a long journey and process. Therefore, they should have high self-esteem and stay focused on their goals.