Bi-Weekly Forum #7 Dissertation Dissemination: Jubran Khalil Jubran's Thought, Emerson's Transcendentalism Study

On Friday, 30 April 2021, the Bi-Weekly Forum of the Faculty of Adab and Cultural Sciences held a dissemination of Dr.Nurain, M.Ag entitled "Jubran Khalil Jubran's Thought in'Ara'is al-Muruj, al-Arwah al-Mutamarridah,andal-Ajnihah al-Mutakassirah.: Emerson's Transcendentalism Study”.The author is a lecturer in the Arabic Language and Literature study program, Faculty of Adab and Cultural Sciences, who had completed her doctoral program in the Department of Humanities UGM. As the discussant, the forum invited Dr.Uki Sukiman, M.Ag, who was a lecturer in Arabic Language and Literature program, Faculty of Adab and Cultural Sciences.This event was hosted by Isyqie Firdausah, M.Hum as the moderator, and was held online through theZoom Meetingapplicationandlive streaming onYoutube via theFaculty of Adab and Cultural Scienceschannel.

In her presentation, Dr.Nurain, M.Ag explained that the writing of her dissertation started from her anxiety about Jubran Khalil Jubran, who was actually a Lebanese Arab, then migrated to America.How Jubran Khalil Jubran created literary works that had Eastern spirituality, amid the influence of Emerson's transcendentalism which was still very strong in the West at that time.In her research, the writer took three literary works by Jubran in the form of novels as the material objects.The conclusion of this dissertation research stated that Jubran's works were heavily influenced by Emerson's transcendentalism.This was evidenced by the content of his works which criticized the realities of life that are far from ideal, both in terms of psychological, social, religious and societal traditions.

After the presentation of the material by the speakers, the event was continued with a discussion by Dr.Uki Sukiman, M.Ag.He stated that this dissertation led to philosophical literary research which had not been widely researched.He also asked for confirmation from the author about what the contribution of this research was to the development of Islam.The event was continued with discussions and questions and answers, from both lecturers, students and Zoom Meeting participants.